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3D Survey - complete ecosystem for land survey data processing

3Dsurvey is a software solution for land surveying data processing. Take a photo with any standard digital camera, import images into 3Dsurvey and produce your own orthophoto maps, digital surface models and calculate volumes faster and more easily. Data is processed automatically based on matching algorithms. Use our smart tools to be even more efficient.

Step 1: Capture images 

Take photos from the ground or use any UAV to capture aerial terrain images. Use 3Dsurvey software with its FREE support to produce the best point clouds, DSMs and orthophotos. Input file format: images - *.jpg, Ground Control Points - *.txt

Step 2: Import into 3Dsurvey

Let 3Dsurvey do all the hard work. It independently recognizes ground control points in your imagery and generates a georeferenced point cloud with realistic colours and shadows. Set the level of reconstruction yourself to control the processing time. Output file format: *.ply, *.las

Step 3: Calculate a Digital surface model 

Use 3Dsurvey's smart tools and manipulate your point cloud to produce the best digital surface model. Calculate volumes and generate profiles quickly and efficiently. Output file format: *.xyz and geoTIFF

Step 4: Generate an Orthophoto  

Automatic generation of high-quality orthophotos based on a digital terrain model and aerial imagery. Extract all the information you need and speed up your survey map creation in a fast and efficient fashion. Output file format: *.tiff, *.jpg and a georeferenced data file

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Pythagoras cad+gis

Providing solutions for Surveying, UAV, Mining, Dredging and Agriculture in an all-in-one package makes Pythagoras truly “360° Compatible”

Pythagoras is able to import processed orthophotos and classified lidar data. Easy visualization and cleaning tools allow to analyse images in 2D and the colored point cloud in 3D.

Combining the data with traditional surveys, laserscan projects and other CAD or GIS data gives the user insights in the existing situation and how it compares to a new design.

Automated vectorization algorithms makes sure that manual actions are limited when analyzing the point cloud.

The UAV point cloud can be converted into a digital terrain model, which makes generation of contour lines, project monitoring and calculation of volumes, profiles and cross sections very easy. Points, lines and polygons can be simply extracted and used to complete your project in Pythagoras’ own CAD and GIS engine, no other application needed.

Pythagoras offers solutions for UAV users in surveying, mining and agriculture industries.