Precision measurement, simplified.
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Carlson precision 3d topo

Designed for use by surveyors, civil engineers, and contractors, Precision 3D Topo allows users to import survey data, points, polylines, surfaces, point clouds, both traditional LIDAR and aerial drone survey data, and more from a wide variety of programs and entities to create usable 3D surfaces.

• Importing Point Cloud data from Lidar and Aerial Drone mapping.
• Merge and edit point clouds to create surface models.
• Import survey data to further refine surface models.
• Powerful surface Editing tools to perfect surface models. Including Google Maps photographic background, automated Google surface creation.
• Easy surface volume tools directly from point clouds or surfaces.
• Advanced Texturing and Presentation Tools
• Import / Export all data as LandXML, DXF, and Surface Models as TIN, TN3, and TTM.

Carlson Precision 3D Topo
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Pythagoras screen shot2
Pythagoras screen shot

Pythagoras cad+gis

Providing solutions for Surveying, UAV, Mining, Dredging and Agriculture in an all-in-one package makes Pythagoras truly “360° Compatible”

Pythagoras is able to import processed orthophotos and classified lidar data. Easy visualization and cleaning tools allow to analyse images in 2D and the colored point cloud in 3D.

Combining the data with traditional surveys, laserscan projects and other CAD or GIS data gives the user insights in the existing situation and how it compares to a new design.

Automated vectorization algorithms makes sure that manual actions are limited when analyzing the point cloud.

The UAV point cloud can be converted into a digital terrain model, which makes generation of contour lines, project monitoring and calculation of volumes, profiles and cross sections very easy. Points, lines and polygons can be simply extracted and used to complete your project in Pythagoras’ own CAD and GIS engine, no other application needed.

Pythagoras offers solutions for UAV users in surveying, mining and agriculture industries.

Pythagoras CAD+GIS
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